Title ASSW 2011
Arctic Science Summit Week 2011
Theme The Arctic: New Frontier For Global Science
Date March 27 (Sunday) - April 1 (Friday), 2011
Venue Coex, Seoul, Korea
Organized by Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)
Key Dates
Registration March 1 (Tuesday) - 10 (Thursday), 2011
Science Symposium March 29 (Tuesday) - 31 (Thursday), 2011
 ASSW 2011_Participant List  01-04-2011
 Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane  27-03-2011
 ASSW 2011 Final Flier has been updated.  25-03-2011
 Updated Agenda for AOSB & PAG Workshop on DBO  25-03-2011
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